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FunkyChunky Chocolate Popcorn


FunkyChunky Popcorn is unlike any popcorn you know
FunkyChunky's artisan chocolatiers follow one recipe - just when you think you have enough nuts and chocolate....add more! They created this flavor 12 years ago with the mission to craft "incredibly delicious chocolate popcorn like no one has ever tasted." The recipe remains the same to this day. Your FunkyChunky arrives LOADED with nuts - big almonds, whole pecans and jumbo cashews glazed to perfection with non-GMO popcorn. 

Dark, milk and white chocolates are hand-drizzled over the popcorn by artisans who then break it up into mouth-watering chunks with no two pieces alike. From the first bite to the last, you can taste the freshness and quality that make FunkyChunky Popcorn so deliciously good.


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