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Premium potting soil for indoor and outdoor container plants. Grows plants twice as big (versus unfed) and feeds for up to 6 months!

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Sawyer Videos

Planting Fall Bulbs for Spring Color!

Bee tells us how to pick out bulbs to plant in the Fall and enjoy in the Spring!

How To: Plant Bulbs

Bee explains how and where to plants bulbs for a beautiful full garden. Click HERE to watch more videos!

What Mums Are Right For You?

Bee tells us how to pick out the perfect mums for your fall decorating.

Sawyer Christmas!

It is the most wonderful time of the year at Sawyer Home & Garden Center! 

SGC Makes Life Better

Our new commercial! Thanks to all the customers and employees who look stunning on camera!

Spring Flowers Are Here!

Our greenhouse is filling up with spring flowers. Stop by today to checkout our selection, more and more plants arrive daily.

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