Feed the Birds!

Feeding birds not only helps our feathered friends and the environment, but it also provides backyard bird watching opportunities! Birds benefit from bird feeders more in the winter because their natural food supplies are scarce. However some birds use feeders as a main source of food all year.

One of the most important part of bird feeding is the maintenance. If not maintained properly the bird feed can house diseases that can kill individual birds, and sometimes large numbers. To maximize your bird feedings make sure you have these three things: the correct variety and quality of seed, a source of fresh water for drinking and bathing, and sufficient cover from native plants. Here are some more tips to help safely and efficiently attract birds to your feeders.

  • Arrange feeders at different levels
  • Use varieties of seeds in different feeders
  • Use suet only during cold weather
  • Mix corn meal and peanut butter
  • Store seed in secure metal containers
  • Keep squirrels away from feeders
  • Place feeders away from windows
  • Clean feeders regularly

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We are always glad to help!

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