Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day and Arbor Day are in the same week! Why not take the whole week to do things for the wonderful planet that gives us life. There are so many ways you can celebrate the Earth this week and every day! Use reusable bags, return your bottles, conserve water and electricity, and of course, plant something!

If you are going to take the time to plant something you want to make it worthwhile. That is why you should always use MYKE. This product is exclusively sold at independent garden centers, so you won’t find it at a big box store. What is MYKE and why is it so great?

MYKE is a growth supplement that provides the beneficial association of fungi and plant roots. It enhances the plant’s resistance to stress and disease. The “MYKE” or mycorrhizae attaches to the roots extending their reach and making it easier for the plant to get water and nutrients. Meaning, if you use this product correctly, the plant will have a stronger chance to live and do well! MYKE is also ALL NATURAL and ORGANIC. There are also a few exceptions. Blueberries and rhododendrons cannot be colonized by the fungus in MYKE because they produce their own. MYKE will not hurt these plants, but it also will not help them. It will work wonders on any other tree or shrub!

BUT, the best part is the WARRANTY! When you purchase MYKE at the same time you purchase your tree or shrub, you receive a 5 year warranty! That’s how confident we are that the product will give your tree a great life. See our store for details on how you can benefit from MYKE and it’s 5 year warranty!

Don’t think your back can handle the delivery or planting? Give us a call and find out the cost to deliver and plant a tree at your home! Also, check out our Pinterest page for other ways to celebrate the Earth and tips and tricks for gardening!

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Thanks for reading!
Happy Earth/Arbor Day!
Christina Allis