The Best Feeder EVER!

It is that time again! The hummingbirds are getting ready to migrate south for the winter. Are you ready to help these little guys out? You can cater the hummingbird population easily with Dr. JB’s clean feeder!

This feeder can hold several sizes of replacement bottles perfectly; all the jars fit the same base! This way you can expand the amount of nectar provided for the hummingbirds during their migration period, when you have more of them visiting. This high quality, crystal clear, wide mouthed glass bottle is easy to clean and provides mess free filling.

It is very important that your hummingbird feeder is kept clean. Hummingbirds will not come to feeders with spoiled nectar or feeders that are dirty. Sounds like a hassle right? NOPE! This feeder is dishwasher safe! Just break it down and run in through the dishwasher. For an extra deep clean, pick up some brushes to clean every hard to reach space.



To help keep the hummingbirds coming, new nectar solution should be added every 3-5 days. If the nectar is not changed, mold and fermentation could happen and endanger the lives of the hummingbirds. Also, to help keep pests away from your home, this feeder has no yellow color on it making it unattractive to bees!

It is easy to see why this is the hummingbird feeder to have!

“The world’s best Hummingbird feeder ever. EVER!”
            - Bob Sargent, Director of Hummingbird Study Group