We are Baffled!

Baffling your feeders against squirrels and raccoons will save you big bucks and end your frustration! Not only will a baffle save your seed from pests, it will protect your bird feeder against damage that furry critters with fingers, claws and teeth are capable of.

Baffles work, but only if you follow these simple guidelines. Remember, it’s all about location.

Hanging Feeders from a Tree

  1. Make sure you have purchased a baffle and not a weather guard. Size matters.
  2. Make sure your feeder is positioned 8-10 feet from the tree trunk since a squirrel can jump horizontally a minimum of 8 feet.
  3. Hang the feeder so that the bottom of the feeder is a minimum of 5 feet above the ground. This will force the squirrel to approach the feeder from above at which point the baffle will be effective.

Hanging Feeders from a Shepherd’s Hook, Pole or Post

  1. Measure 4-1/2 feet from the ground up. This is where the top of your baffle should be positioned.
  2. Make sure the bottom of your bird feeder is above the top of the baffle, never past it. This may require a taller pole or shepherd’s hook in some situations.
  3. Make sure your feeding station is at least 8-10 feet away from any launching pad. Remember, a squirrel can jump horizontally a minimum of 8 feet.
  4. Remove low branches that might allow pesky squirrels and raccoons access from above.


By installing your baffle properly, you and your birds will enjoy years of pest free feeding!  Our bird feeding department offers baffles that hang as well as baffles that mount to a pole, shepherd’s hook, or post.  See our bird feeding specialist, Therese, for more details.

Thanks for reading!

Therese Sisamis