Local Apples at Our Store

Local Apples at Our Store

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We have an impressive selection of locally grown apples right now!  Looking for the perfect apple for cooking?  Eating Out of Hand?  Making Apple Sauce? Every apple has its own taste and use, see the descriptions below for all the LOCAL apples we currently have at our store!


This apple is hot! And mighty crisp. Combines unusual color and excellent sweet flavor with a great bite. Use it for fresh eating, fresh-cut slices or cut up in salads.


Attractive bi-colored apple, with a fluorescent pink blush over a creamy yellow background.  Crisp, fine-grained flesh that remains white even when sliced.  Juicy, with a mild sweetness comparable to Golden Delicious, with a subtle pear essence


New to Michigan’s apple line-up, Fuji is Japan’s favorite apple for good reason! Fantastic sweet and tart flavor, with a low acid content. An incredibly good keeper, Fuji stays crisp for weeks!

Golden Delicious

A gingery-smooth, sweet taste treat lies under a thin skin. The most popular yellow apple, Goldens may be eaten fresh or cut up in salads. Professional’s choice for applesauce or cider, baking pies and other desserts.


Make sure you try this one! Superbly crisp and juicy with shades of tart and sweet in each apple. Usually large and aromatic. Highly ranked by apple connoisseurs. Popular in Europe, but better from Michigan’s cooler climate.

Golden Supreme

Golden Supreme is a medium sized apple with a firm cream colored flesh.  It has a greenish yellow to golden brown color.  Golden Supreme is a good apple for drying, baking and making cider and keeps very well.


Talk about a great apple: Crisp snappy bite over a mellow sweetness. Michigan’s 3rd most popular apple for fresh eating or cooking. Looks great, smells sweet, eats like a dream!


Mustu apples are smooth bright green to yellow in color. Its firm white flesh is crisp and juicy with a sweet-tart flavor that has subtle hints of spice. An excellent keeper, the Mutsu apple will take on an even sweeter flavor in cold storage. 


Classic large, round apple for eating out of hand! Ultra-juicy white flesh, lightly tart flavor and excellent fresh apple aroma. A perky addition to salads. Excellent in applesauce and cider. Also used in pies.


Both pretty and popular! Used for fresh eating and cooking. Juicy flavor has a spicy tang that blends well with other apples. Michigan’s cooler climate produces superb Jonathans. Discovered in Woodstock, New York!


An excellent lunchbox apple or crunch snack! Sweet and tart at the same time. Use for fresh-cut slices, candy and caramel apples. Also used in baking. Texture remains very firm, a good storing apple. Popular in Great Britain.

Sweet 16

Sweet 16 is a medium size apple with hints of caramel.  This is one of the best for fresh-off-the-tree eating.   This outstanding dessert apple had an excellent sweet, unusual flavor.   It’s a good all purpose apple for cooking.