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Just the right amount of tart and sweet for a refreshing and

flavorful treat. 

This wine has a bright Cranberry color with a fruity, aromatic nose

including hints of cranberry and currant. The palate is very lively,

with a sweetness that is perfectly balanced with a tart, refreshing


Perfectly sweet with a ripe pineapple nose, honey and peach flavors and notes of dried fruit with a hint of spice. Locally crafted in Baroda, Michigan.

A full-bodied red wine blend with Merlot characteristics and a rich dark chocolate-red raspberry bouquet. It has a full mouth feel that gives way to light tannins and a dark chocolate sweetness. Fun in a glass! Drink with dessert or as your dessert. Ideal for evenings with friends creating fond memories. Bottled with a kiss of delight.

A sinful blend indeed!  Our flagship Zinfandel was devised by the two Phillips brothers in their search for a blended Zin so captivating that no one could refuse. With consistency in mind, the brothers decided to blend the fruit of Lodi’s finest growers to fill the bottles of Michael David’s new-fangled wine. In the end, seven vineyards were chosen for their superiority.  Now, how do you label a wine so unique in style?  Looking to their past, the two Phillips brothers quickly related the Seven Sins from their Catholic school upbringing to the seven Old Vine Zinfandels blended in their wine.

  • Manufacturer: Round Barn Winery

A new take on a top-seller. We put together a secret blend of "Heirloom apples" that have an unmistakable apple flavor complete with a touch of cinnamon on the finish. Wonderful in the fall chilled or warmed up with Mulling Spices.

Granny Smith apples, peaches and pear aromas and flavors with a hint of lime zest. This drier style of the classic Riesling wine compliments just about any kind of lighter cuisine. Enjoy!

Peaches, mango and honeysuckle define this wine. The aroma’s leap from the glass and are followed by juicy, mouth-watering flavors supported by crisp acidity and a hint of minerals. Great with on its own or with spicy foods, Asian and fusion cuisine. A classic from our own backyard!

The classic grape as expressed by our wonderful Southwest Michigan climate. Rich aromas of Dark Cherries, brambleberries and allspice are followed by a velvety soft, rich palate. Aging in oak barrels for 12 months integrates and softens this wine into something truly special. Sip it by itself to experience all its subtleties or enjoy with a wide variety of rich sauces and hearty fare.

A classic blend of the world-famous Cabernet sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet franc grapes, Serendipity shows the potential of Southwest Michigans climate and soil to produce a truly world-class red wine. Brambleberry and dark cherry aromas lead with hints of vanilla, chocolate and cedar. The palate is rich and bursting with dark fruits supported by firm tannins and just enough acidity for balance and age-ability. Enjoy with beef, lamb or a special occasion.

Pinot grigio has found a home in southwest Michigan! The crisp acidity supports a palate of honey dew melon and apple, with a hint of lilac blossom. This is the perfect wine for sipping ice-cold on the deck or by the warmth of a fire on a chilly autumn night. Enjoy with seafood, salads or poultry.

Red Expression  is the perfect wine for any occasion.  Loaded with intense aromas of raspberries, dark cherries and plums. The palate is silky smooth highlighting the bright fruit flavors.  Pair with everyday foods like pasta, chili of your favorite grill foods.

Plum and rose aromas commingle with black currant flavors giving a length and breadth across the palate. Eighteen months of oak aging provide a suppleness that will continue to develop over the next decade.

This new Riesling exhibits fruit-driven aromas of ripe, juicy apple, peach and mango and is rich and full-bodied, while maintaining a crisp, well-balanced style that is typical of Lake Michigan Shore. Suggested food pairings: crab, fresh fruit, poultry, mild cheeses, Asian dishes and Raspberry chicken of course!

A uniquely spicy Cherry Wine. Made from the Michigan grown Balaton Cherry this is the closest thing to cherry pie in a bottle. Starts off sweet and ends lightly tart, serve with dark chocolate, cheesecake or drizzle over vanilla ice cream.

Mingling layers of dark cherries, wild berries and raspberries with a bit of plum. Gorgeous, supple and packed with fresh fruit. Simply Red is dark-colored and fully textured, with lively aromas and succulent flavors. Medium-bodied, it mingles layers of dark cherries, wild berries, raspberries and a bit of plum. The structured finish has great length as well as vibrant acidity. A delicious, food friendly wine!

A rich floral nose with hints of allspice, honey and vanilla. A wonderful summer wine.

  • Manufacturer: Round Barn Winery
  • SKU: roundbarn_cranberry_wine

A delicious blend of sweet and sour; this is one of our best selling wines. A perfect choice for the holiday season and the only civilized way to have your cranberries! Crafted locally in Baroda, Michigan!