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  • UPC: 645194060173
  • Model Number: SE6017

Never before could you turn a simple garden pot into a water feature for the birds, or easily make a deep bowl birdbath shallow. It floats exposing just the right amount of water for birds to use! One-of-a-kind, durable, simple, easy to clean, UV protected, made in the USA.

  • UPC: 645194060197
  • Model Number: SE6019

Keeps Squirrels and Jays busy and away from other feeders! Easy to fill! The outside diameter is 13 inches. The inner diameter is 7 inches. The diameter of the spring only is 2 3/4 inch.

  • Model Number: AAWWSOLAR

Attract birds and not mosquitos by creating ripples in your bird bath. Powered by the sun. The water wiggler's unique agitator action creates continuous ripples in water, preventing mosquitos from laying eggs in bird baths. Requires no electricity, runs on a rechargable battery pack that is powered by the sun.

  • Model Number: AAD410R

Suppy a fresh supply of water to your bird bath with our simple copper dripper with a choice of bases. The subtle "drip, drip" of a dripper is a visual magnet to any bird. When they see the ripples across the surface of your birdbath, they are drawn to it and stay a while!

  • Model Number: AAM431

This mister does not have a base. It has a mister nozzle attached to flexible tubing. Run the tubing onto a branch and have the fine mist drop off of the leaves for the birds. Also works great to mist your flowering plants. 50' of tubing.

  • Model Number: AAM430R

Gently mist your birds and foliage with anAvian Mister equipped with a low-flow mist nozzle.The combination of a fine mist with the occasional drop off soaked leaves has a soothing look and bird magnetism. Requires no electricity, just hook directly to your outdoor faucet.

  • Model Number: DURTAD2

Double arm adjustable shephard staff adjust to 90" and features an extra U shaped stability step. Powdercoated Black.

  • Model Number: DURTAD1

Single arm adjustable shephard staff adjust to 90" and features an extra U shaped stability step. Powdercoated Black.

  • Model Number: SB3

Cylindrical raccoon baffle in a tan color to match a standard 4x4 post (3-5/8"x3-5/8"). 28" long, 8" in diameter. To keep raccoons and squirrels from getting onto your bird feeder, place your post-mounted feeders 8-10' away from railings, roofs or trees. Raccoon baffles should be a minimum of 4' from the ground to protect the bird feeder.

Learn about and identify birds using Stan Tekiela's state-by-state field guides. The full-page, color photos are incomparable and include insets of winter plumage, color morphs and more.

WindowAlert is a window decal that may be applied to home and office windows. The decals contain a component which brilliantly reflects ultraviolet sunlight. This ultraviolet light is invisible to humans, but glows like a stoplight for birds. Birds have vision that is up to 12 times better than that of humans. WindowAlert decals help birds see windows and avoid striking the glass.