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Local Apples at Our Store

We have an impressive selection of locally grown apples right now! Looking for the perfect apple for COOKING?  Eating Out of Hand?  Making Apple Sauce? Every apple has its own taste and use, see the descriptions below for all the LOCAL apples we currently have at our store!

What’s Fresh, What’s Good, What’s Hot! The Fresh Produce Update – Friday 02.26.16 from Sawyer Home and Garden Center **All of these exciting fruits will be available for purchase on Friday 02.26.16, we can hardly wait! ** Gold Nugget Mandarins are here! An amazingly sweet and seedless citrus fruit named for its bumpy bright orange skin. These little nuggets are packed with a rich, sweet and full bodied taste and are mega juicy!   Beat The Chilly Winter Weather with Soft Fruit from Chile! Cold and blustery winter weather here in the northern hemisphere only means one thing.