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Here at Sawyer Home & Garden Center we take pride in our plant quality. We want our customers to have the best product and the knowledge to keep it them at their best. When you purchase a poinsettia from us we will put it in a sleeve.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Now let’s get ready for the New Year! We all know what comes after Christmas… Christmas sales! Get a head start on Christmas next year and save a ton of money! Right now all Christmas décor will be 50% OFF!

Sigh, another Christmas Open House has come and gone! Thank you to everyone who came to share the Holiday spirit with us. I had a wonderful time visiting with customers and even more fun on the radio! In case you missed it here is what happened at our Christmas Open House Extravaganza!

Holiday Lights Done Right

If you're starting to put up holiday lights it's time to remember which are for indoor or outdoor use. Afterall, it is important to know which is which. Read the box to find out how many strands can be linked together (before you start blowing the mini-fuses in the plugs).

Take the poinsettia challenge

For most Americans poinsettias are like Christmas trees: You buy them for Christmas, and throw them out along with all that shredded wrapping paper. But if you just can't bear to toss out your poinsettia, there's no reason why you can't keep it around till next Christmas.