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Baffling your feeders against squirrels and raccoons will save you big bucks and end your frustration! Not only will a baffle save your seed from pests, it will protect your bird feeder against damage that furry critters with fingers, claws and teeth are capable of.

It is that time again! The hummingbirds are getting ready to migrate south for the winter. Are you ready to help these little guys out? You can cater the hummingbird population easily with Dr. JB’s clean feeder!

HummZinger® Ultra by Aspects Easy to Clean and Fill 12 oz. Capacity Leak and Drip Proof Built-In Ant Moat Lifetime Guarantee   This feeder is a favorite of birds and customers alike. Since the hummingbirds tongue can reach the bottom of the feeder, it does not need to be filled entirely which saves on nectar.

Feeding birds not only helps our feathered friends and the environment, but it also provides backyard bird watching opportunities! Birds benefit from bird feeders more in the winter because their natural food supplies are scarce. However some birds use feeders as a main source of food all year. One of the most important part of bird feeding is the maintenance.