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A popular choice in its species, the Dwarf Burning Bush is an adaptable, easy-to-grow shrub that gives a great splash of color in the fall. Though this will focus on the dwarf variety, the planting information holds true for normal sized Burning Bushes as well.

Hardy mums are here again and they are looking big, beautiful, and just about ready to bloom. These mums will add a wonderful splash of color to your late-season garden.  Hardy, or fall or garden, mums should be planted in a nice sunny spot in the garden, in an average, well-drained soil.

Beatin' the Heat

August heat can scorch your lawn into straw and ruin months of attentive cultivation. To avoid that, water your lawn frequently. This prevents the grass' root structure from rising toward the surface in a desperate search for water.

Sure they're cute, but do you really want to have deer in your garden? If you live in deer country, your garden's always at risk of hungry does and bucks seeking fresh young shoots. You can erect huge fencing (which is costly, unsightly and quite a chore), or try more down-home solutions.