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There is still time to ROCK out some awesome food for the big game this Sunday! Start planning now with our favorite recipes from only the most trusted sources.   Starters…………. Queso Fundido With Chorizo, Jalapeño and CilantroThis looks amazing! A great way to start the partyVia New York TimesView this recipe.   Guacamole de FrutasThe addition of fruit in this recipe makes is complex and sublime! Via New York TimesView this recipe.   Classic Wings Just like the original wings at Anchor Bar in Buffalo, NYVia Saveur MagazineView this recipe.   Sriracha Chicken WingsThese look amazing! Via Food & Wine MagazineView this recipe.   Firecracker ShrimpVia Food & Wine MagazineView this recipe.   Cadillac NachosCan’t go wrong here! Via Saveur MagazineView this recipe. Main Dishes………….

We are all about quality hard cider! Check out our impressive selection right now, from some of our favorite producers in the world!

An EPIC beer is almost here from Bell’s Brewery Inc. Hop Slam Imperial India Pale Ale, 99pts – World Class on BeerAdvocate! The buzz on the streets is that this release is going to be in cans only in 2016.

Here at Sawyer Home & Garden Center we take pride in our plant quality. We want our customers to have the best product and the knowledge to keep it them at their best. When you purchase a poinsettia from us we will put it in a sleeve.

Our wine specialist Cindy has put together a pairing guide just for you! If the classic turkey pairing of Pinot Noir is not your favorite there are other great wines that pair wonderfully with turkey, or whatever else you may be consuming! Cheers!

Baffling your feeders against squirrels and raccoons will save you big bucks and end your frustration! Not only will a baffle save your seed from pests, it will protect your bird feeder against damage that furry critters with fingers, claws and teeth are capable of.

It is a no brainer that soil is important to a plants health. Soil provides all the minerals, organic matter, oxygen and water that plants need. Fall time is a great time to test your soil and see how it compares to the ideal soil.